Peek Freans Classics
Seriously simple elegance with tastes to"Peek" your interest. Here are the legendary varieties that have made Peek Freans the favorite of serious cookie lovers for well over a century. Crispy, flavorful taste sensations that are perfect with any beverage, dessert or simply alone. A wonderful selection that's a must for the discriminating customer.

The tangy biscuit with a perfect brown sugar accent

Ginger Crisp
Every bite sparkles with zesty south seas ginger and sweet molasses.

Snappy, crispy light elegant treasures.

Petit Beurre
A wonderful biscuit featuring a delicately rich buttery flavor.

A real classic. So light and tasty - the legendary shortbread.


Peek Freans Traditional Cremes
Serious indulgence in every bite. Pure pleasures with rich, indulgent crème centers. Melt in your mouth goodness, a favorite for those who appreciate the really good things in life.

Assorted Creme
When you want a choice. A taste of several wonderful creme filled delights.

Fruit Creme
A luscious creme filled sandwich with a dollop of tasty fruit flavor.




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